Wednesday, February 20, 2013

E's First Birthday Party!

Easton's First Birthday theme was Time Flies! (1/26/13)  (Boy did it ever!) First of all, E is so lucky to have a G that lives so close and loves to help out!  There is no telling how this party would have turned out without her help!  When you give my mom and I a theme and a project....we run with it!  Anything and everything that we could think of that was airline/airplane related, we did it!  We love to do things like this.  Love you mom (G)!  Thank you for ALL your help. 
Of course the morning of Easton's party he had a 101.5 fever and was tugging at his ears!  I started alternating the ibuprofen and Tylenol hoping he would be ok.  Also he took a nap earlier in the morning so by 1pm (when the party started) he was ready to take another nap.  He was a little grumpy, so wubbanub was never far away, but taking all that into consideration he was such a trooper!
 A Year of Firsts, a year of Fun.  A year FLEW by and now, EASTON is turning ONE!
 This was the back of his invites.  Codie, with White Cotton Paperworks, had a great idea to place a picture on the back of the invitation.  She pointed out that most people throw away an invitation afterwards.  But if there is a picture on the back then they can turn  it around and have it framed instead!

Outside Decorations

 I ordered this from Etsy.  It hung on the front door and said "Easton Airways, Celebrating ONE YEAR in Service!"
 Here is the runway table scape.  Filled with propeller pops, a powdered doughnut control tower, jet fuel, and so much more!
 In the background is an airplane banner that my mom and I made of 13 pictures of our baby boy from newborn to 1 year old.  This was so much fun to make and look back on. 

One of my favorite things!

The Jet Fuel.  This is actually my Great Grandmothers suitcase. 

 These were Propeller Pops.  They are marshmallows dipped in chocolate with (colored) white chocolate propellers and baby M&Ms for the center!  These were another one of my favorite things about the party.  They actually were not that hard to make either.

The camera is over here E!

 Hanging from the chandelier in the dining room were clouds and little metal airplanes.

 It seems like I couldn't get one decent picture of the three of us all day.  There was so much going on and Easton was so tired.
Easton, his G, and his Mommy

 Where the presents were placed was called the "Baggage Check." 

Opening Presents

So Sleepy

So glad all these kiddos could make it!
Easton's airplane highchair!

Make a wish baby boy!

Trying to take a bite out of the cake.

 He kept trying to take big whole bites by putting his face directly into the cake.  =)  It was too cute!

Who took my cake?!?
After getting so messy in his birthday cake, he needed a bath.  A sink bath he got.  This was actually his first time being bathed in our kitchen sink.  Haha weird. 

Where you pick up your goodie bags was the "Baggage Claim."  There were bags that said, "Thank You for flying Easton Airlines!"  His party was a success and his First Birthday is now in the record books!  (E passed out for 2 and a half hours as soon as the last person left.)   ;)

I also want to thank my friend Cassie for taking all of Easton's birthday pictures! There is no way I would have had time to get some of the detailed pictures that she did. Thanks again girl!

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  1. So creative! Wonderful! How did you make his plane high chair? Great ideas.