Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Easton at 12 Months!!

Its crazy to me to think that he is no longer a baby, but a TODDLER!


Well.....Our little 1 YEAR OLD is:
-Blows kisses and makes the *muah sound (the cutest thing EVER!)
-Says "Dods" (dogs) all the time and is constantly pointing at them and saying it.  Among other words like: DaDa, MaMa, Bye Bye, and Uh Oh.
-Lately he will pick up and dog toy and take it to Wriggley and "tug" with him.  When Wriggs pulls it from Eastons hands he thinks that is so funny!
-Will find my eyes and nose if I ask him where they are.
-He pooches his lips out like he is kissing.
-He may take a few steps but he isn't truly walking around just yet.
-Although he is climbing on EVERYTHING.  The fireplace, his toys, the dogs, us, he would climb the stairs if it wasn't for the baby gate.  Little Monkey! =)
-He also seems to pick up on how things work so quickly these days.  You show him how it works or how he is suppose to do it and he figures it out.  Amazing.
-We have 6 teeth now!! Two on the top and four on the bottom.
-Still an awesome little eater.  His least favorite would be chunks of meat.  I have to cut them up small for him to eat them.  Also his new thing is to eat something, spit it into his fingers to look at it, then eat it again!  Yuk!
-To be so small he has a big appetite.  The other day he ate a whole ham and cheese sandwich, a whole cup of mandarin oranges (his fav) and 2 cookies! I don't know where he puts it!
-His newest thing is that whenever he is hungry, or if he sees one of us eating something, he will open and close his mouth repeatedly like a little bird. 
-Plays well by himself.  He has a living room full of toys and there will be times when he will just crawl over to the pile and toys and play by himself for 30 min or so. 
-Loves his Daddy, G, and MiMi! He gets all gitty every time he sees them!

"You will always love them....but they are only a baby for 1 year!"

This has been the most wonderful, crazy, eye-opening, life changing, happy, and most amazing year of our lives!  Mommy and Daddy love you more and more each day.  Sometimes I wonder how that is even possible, but somehow we do!  I cannot wait to watch you grow into a little man and get to experience things through you.  We love you SO much Easton Thomas Crooks! I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE 1. YEAR. OLD.!!!

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