Easton's Birthday!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

12 Month Check up

On January 30th, 2013 we went for Easton's 1 year check up.
Weight- 18 Pounds
Height-  29 Inches Long
Head C-18 Inches
Shoe Size is 4
Easton is doing a little bit better each time we go to see Dr. M.  Don't get me wrong he still cries, but not as much.  Baby steps...
E is in some of the lower percentiles as far as weight and height are concerned.  Dr. M asked if he was a good eater?  This little boy is a PIG.  I told him how much he eats in one sitting and Dr. M said, "well then there is nothing to worry about."  "He will just be a more petite boy."  He must have gotten a good metabolism like his daddy and big daddy. 
Also when we got to the doctor, because Easton can stand on his own, he got to use the "big kid" scale and stand on it instead of sitting in the baby scale.  Aww!
He got 4 shots total at this visit.  Two in each leg. 
Such a big boy!

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  1. He is soo cute! LOVE the 1 yr pictures!!!!! Time does fly! And btw your 1 yr old weighs the same as my 3mo old....wow. #bigbabies