Friday, February 1, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012

I know I'm a little behind with my blogging, but I'm trying to catch up! =)
On Christmas Eve, even before we were married, would always go to Kevin's parents house.  We eat dinner and do presents.  They have always opened their presents on Christmas Eve.  It actually works best for our crazy Christmas schedule! They open gifts from youngest to oldest, so this year Easton was number 1!   
 MiMi let Easton open 1 present before everyone got to the house so that he would have something to play with.  It was....
                                               The Fisher Price walking/ride talking dog!
                                                                   He LOVED it!
                                  Jeff, April, Jake, and Caroline.  (Kevin's brother and family)
 All 3 grand kids in their Christmas outfits before dinner.
 They all changed into PJ's after dinner for present opening!  Next year maybe we can coordinate and get the same ones.  =)

 Uncle Jeff, Aunt April, Jake and Caroline got E this huge dump truck!  He loved it! Its so big he can ride in it.  But he loves to push it around.  He spent the rest of the night changing up between the truck and the fisher price dog. 
 Caroline and her stuffed Giraffe.  She used to call it a "Bdraffe" but sadly that has stopped now.  It was SO darn cute!
 Jake loves him some Under Armor!

Kevin's mom and dad got Jeff and Kevin these hunting rifles.  They first gave them a box, each, that had a toy laser gun inside them.  They were both wondering why in the world they were getting laser guns as presents.  Then Tommy came out with the real deal!  They are so happy and look like true kids on Christmas Day! 

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