Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1 Year Photo Session

A few weeks before Easton's Big Day we met up with Codie with White Cotton Photography to take a few pictures of him.  I had decided that E's party theme would be "Time Flies", that would include clouds, sky, airplanes etc.  I told her the theme and she loved it!  After deciding on a date, a few days later she messaged me and told me of an AWESOME idea she had! 
She told me that her Grandfather was an airplane guy and that she had arranged for us to take Easton's pictures with a real 1950 Vintage Cessna Airplane!!!  She thought the plane had been sold but it turns out that her dad now owned it, and it has been just sitting in a hanger all by itself.  I couldn't believe what an amazing and cool opportunity this was.  I was SO excited, to say the least!  Codie did Easton's birthday party invitations too!  She is so talented in what she does!  Check out White Cotton Photography and White Cotton Paperworks!  Shes great! Here are a few of the pictures she took:

All of the Above Photos were taken by White Cotton Photography.

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