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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We decided to head down to the beach for Memorial Day this year.  We left on Thursday 5/24/12 and came home 5/27/12.  This would be Easton's first trip to the beach! He was 4 months old.  Since it takes about 4 ish hours to get there we knew him sitting in a car seat for that long, awake, would not be fun.  We decided to leave at 9pm, his bedtime.  I did all that I could think of to get him relaxed.  I bathed him, then put on his PJ's, and then gave him his bottle.  I put the swaddle blanket in the car to wrap around the front of him so he would think he was swaddled in bed and sleep the whole way.  And....HE DID!!  We ran into road construction, go figure, and it took us about 5 hours to get there instead.  Once we were there, about 2am, I swaddled him for real and put him in the crib.  He went right on to sleep and slept the rest of the night.  Good Boy!  The next day we got up and sat on the porch and ate breakfast for a little while before heading outside.  I wanted E to hang out at the pool for a little while and experience the water since he LOVES the tub.  Its his first time in a pool.  
 His serious face:
 I just love when he gets tickled!! I could just eat him up!
 All dressed and slathered with sunscreen.  Looking extra cool!

 I was surprised because he was actually kind of indifferent to the water.  He didn't hate it but he didn't just absolutely love it.  I guess that will come with age.
 Little bald headed Angel!
Kevin and his brother with their kids: Jake, Caroline, and Easton.  Good picture!
 I'm thinking Mommy and Daddy had more fun than E.
The next day, Kevin and I went out with his dad, brother and my nephew on a deep sea fishing journey.  Kevin's dad had bought himself a new boat and wanting to test her out.  We went fishing for several hours.  We caught our limit of 6 Amber jack, a trigger fish, and LOTS of red snapper.  Of course it wasn't snapper season so we had to let them go.  But they were whoppers!  I only have pictures on my phone and I don't know how to get them on here.  So for now you will have to believe this fishing tail! =)  
On Sunday Easton woke up and was being very fussy and crying alot which was very unlike him.  He also was running a little bit of a fever.  I was thinking maybe it was just a little cold he had picked up from daycare.  Kevin had hurt his back about a week before the trip and had re injured it when trying to pick up his niece.  So he had decided he wanted to go the the American Family Care at the beach.  The rest of the family was going out on a boat ride.  I really wanted to take E on his first boat ride but decided that it would be better for me to take him to the doctor with Kevin to find out why he was so ill.  Not a very fun part of our beach trip.  The doc said that Kevin had "tweaked" his back and that E had a double ear infection!! ugh! His first ear infection and its a double one.  My poor baby!  So I was playing nurse to 2 babies.  So since we were never able to take Easton down to actually play on the beach, we just went down to take some picture before we left.  (I had to have some pictures to prove he was at the beach for the fist time.)  =)  He did very well considering he didn't feel good.
 Family photo:

The ride home took us almost 6 hours because of a wreck on the interstate! And driving in traffic with an injured husband and a sick baby is not my idea of fun.  E got restless and sick of being in the car seat.  Thank goodness for an ipad.  But overall the trip was great and very memorable!  We are hoping he will be able to enjoy his next trip even more.  Because it may be a while....=) We'll see...  

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