Easton's Birthday!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Easton at 5 Months!

Gosh, is our baby boy 5 months old already?! He is such a love and brings SO much happiness into our lives!  He has been a busy boy lately.  He had been starting on some solids (which he loves), started weaning off the swaddle blanket =(, and trying to sit up.  I hate that I am having to start taking him off the swaddle blanket because that only means he is starting to grow up.  He had started trying to roll to his side and tummy to sleep and so he can no longer be swaddled.  So we are starting with just 1 arm swaddled for a week, then both arms out for 1 week and then we will try him without it completely.  Wish us happy sleep prayers....=)  So far with his solids he has had cereal and squash.  He LOVES them both! I cant wait to start trying even more.  Its so much fun watching him experience these new and different flavors.  He also is working to try and sit up.  I can tell because he would rather be playing and using toys that keep him upright instead of lying down. 
Weight: 13 1/2 to 14 pounds
Diapers: Size 1-2
Clothes: 0-3 some still fit and some 3-6 starting to fit! YAY!

- Eats 5-6 ounces every 3 hours.
- Eats cereal after his 9 oclock bottle and loves it! (tried- 6/13/12)
- Has been eating a whole 2.5 oz container of squash after his 12 oclock bottle (LOVES). Tried squash-6/24/12 Soon we will try another veggie and some fruit. I cant wait!!
- He can now reach his feet to put them in his mouth (so cute!)
- He is starting to get tickelish on his thigh and under his arms.
- Has started fighting some naps.
- Love to scream when hes playing and make his little man noises.
- Laughs a lot now. Especially if you surprise him and say Boo! Its so adorable and as long as he laughs I will continue to do it just to hear him.
- Prefers more upright toys like his walker or bumbo.
- Recently he has decided that he likes being sung to. I sing the goofiest songs but he doesnt care. He gets real quiet just to listen and just smiles.
- Have started to wean off the swaddle blanket.
- Now rubs his eyes when he is tired.
- Sleep: Lately he has been waking up at least once, sometimes twice, in the middle of the night. But then there are some nights where he does sleep through the night like he usually does. I just go upstairs and give him his paci and he's good. Im not sure if it is a growth spurt or if he is teething. I feel some nights like I have a newborn again. I was spoiled from the beginning because he was such a good sleeper.
- Im not sure if he is teething or not. There are some things he does that make me belive that he is and then sometimes I wonder.
- He is so strong. He is always trying to lean forward to sit up.
- Also loves his wubbanub paci



  1. I'm glad he's able to wear the shirt already. He's a handsome baby boy!