Monday, June 18, 2012

4 Month Check-Up

On May 22,2012 Easton had his 4 Month Check-up.  Doctor M said he looked great! He was impressed that when he pulled on his arms to get him to sit up, that E just stood up instead.  Dr. M said that Easton was a little small for his age, but that his height and weight were proportional.  He said he thinks he might be about like Kevin.  That's perfectly fine with me so long as he is a healthy boy!  He showed Dr M how he could roll from his belly to his back too.  We are still working on rolling from back to belly.  He gets about half way and then I have to give him a nudge.  Easton got 3 vaccines. 1 Oral and 2 in the muscle.  He always does much better than me.  He cries for just a second or two.  Once I give him his paci he's good.    
As soon as he was put in the car seat, he was out! Funny how its so quick when we leave the doctor's office.  It usually takes much longer for this little fellow to sack out in the car.

Weight- 12 Pounds
Length- 23 inches long
Head- 16 inches
Clothes- 0-3
Diapers- Size 1

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