Monday, January 23, 2012

Nursery Update

Here is a picture tour of Easton's Room:
As you are standing in the doorway.

Turning to the right there is his changing table.

Once we have some newborn photos taken, there will be one in this white frame.

Here is his crib. I still need to mount the monitor, and I have a wall quote ordered (which should be here any day) that will go above his crib! I cant wait to post about it! It will be too cute!

Continuing on the tour ;) , here is his closet door.

Everything that isn't stuffed into a drawer is hung up neatly in his closet. This boy already has alot of clothes.

This is his finished dresser! The special part is the panda stained glass picture in the background. This piece actually hung in Kevin's room when he was a baby. So when Kevin's mom, Kaye, gave it to me I thought how special it would be for Easton to have something of his dads in his room!

Standing in the corner of the room next to his closet.

Our little reading nook. For nighttime rocks and bedtime stories.


  1. Lauren, it looks fabulous! All we need is baby!

  2. I bet you weren't thinking that you would be welcoming your sweet Easton in this world within 24 hours of writing this post?!?! I am so excited for yall!