Easton's Birthday!

Monday, November 28, 2011

4D Ultrasound- Take One

On November 11 we went in to do our 4D Ultrasound. Since Easton wasn't very cooperative when we went at 19 weeks for the gender ultrasound, I decided to drink a coke (which I don't normally do) to see if I could get him moving around. Well, it looks like even caffeine cant roust this baby up. =) He was measuring at 2#s 8ozs (right where he should be) and his heart rate was 133. We did get some good head shots but he had his arm and the umbilical cord in front of his face the whole time. Since he wasn't very cooperative again the ultrasound tech said that we could come back on December 2 to try again (Take two) for free. We still got to see his face though! Check it out!!

This is the only picture that we are not sure about. I'm usually pretty good at reading these ultrasound pictures, but this one stumps us. We think its his legs and just reassuring us that it is a boy. Not sure though.... =)


  1. He is adorable!! I hope you are able to get some pictures of him without the cord in front of his face next time. Our 4D pictures of Brantley are some of my favorite just because they were so good and she looked just like them when she was born. Technology is SO awesome these days!!

  2. I think it's his foot!! Loving that sweet boy! I think he is gonna look like his Mommy!!!!