Sunday, December 4, 2011

30 Weeks


Pregnancy Highlights of Week 30:
Maternity Clothes:
Anything stretchy and comfortable. I'm lucky I get to wear scrubs at my job.
Best Moment this week: Putting all of his furniture in its right place. It really feels like its not far away now. The room has more function and flow.

Gender: It's a boy!
Movement: All the time! Love it! Kevin and I were lying on the couch and Kevin's head was next to my belly and Easton kicked him in the head multiple times. haha!

Food Craving: Don't know if you can count this as a food, but crunching on ice has become an obsession of mine lately! I cant get enough of it.
What I miss: A margarita every now and then.

Sleep: About the same. That awful RLS and legs going numb.

What I am looking forward to: Retaking our 4D Ultrasound.
Belly Button: IN
Symptoms: Some trouble bending over, especially at work. It just takes the breath right out of you.

Your 15.2- to 16.7-inch, 2.5- to 3.8-pound baby continues to grow.
His skin is getting smoother.
But his brain is getting wrinklier -- to make way for all that essential brain tissue.
He's now strong enough to grasp a finger!

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