Sunday, December 4, 2011

4D Ultrasound- Take 2

Sweet little Angel!

He was playing with his feet! He had one little foot all the way up at his face!

Looks like little Easton might be a thumb sucker.

Here he is rubbing his little eyes.

Amazing how flexible they are! Here he is with his big toe touching his nose! He loves staring at those feet! Kevin was in disbelief that that was his toe at his face. He didn't think he could put his foot up that high.

This must be his unhappy face! =( I wouldn't be surprised if he poked himself in the eye with his toes and that's why he is upset. Silly boy!

At this visit, December 2, 2011, he was weighing 3#s 12ozs, his HR was 148 and he was head down. We cant wait to meet this good looking little man!!!

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