Thursday, November 10, 2011

His Bedding

When it came to Easton's bedding I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted. As I started to look there weren't very many themed crib sets and rooms that I wanted to go with. So my next option was to go with patterned bedding. My one stipulation with any bedding that I picked was that I wanted it to have lots of color to it. While I do think that the pale blues and creams are very sweet, I knew I wanted something with brighter colors. I really LOVE lots of color in the stuff that I do. The bedding that I fell in love with was this one. (This first picture is a little blurry.)

The colors are turquoise, lime green, brown, yellow, navy, and white with paisley. Quite an array of colors. I do just love how bright it is.

Its hard to see, but the inside of the bumpers is green and white gingham. And the crib sheet is brown with cream polka dots.

All washed, clean, and ready for a baby!! It wont be empty for too much longer. =)


  1. I absolutely LOVE LOVE the is gorgeous!!

  2. I love his bedding ! I want to come see it in person!!

  3. Well you know I love this because it is the very same bedding I used for Aiden!! So I LOVE LOVE LOVE! And trust me it holds up GREAT in the wash!