Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nursery Beginnings!

Well, I guess its about time I start thinking about this little one's nursery. While shopping with my mom, we came across this great dresser at a consignment shop. It was a great price and I was able to talk them down to even lower. All it needs is to be sanded and stained and I have a great dresser for our baby's room. Easy project. All in all I probably saved at least $200-$250!!! Which makes me a happy momma! =)

Lately Ive been checking out this auction house in Calera, on Saturday nights, with a few of my girlfriends from work. They have almost anything you could think of for sale at these auctions. And not to mention its fun too!! This bookshelf is one of the pieces I came across while at the auction. It is a great piece! Real wood and very sturdy. It even has a little "lip" at the front of each shelf to make sure nothing falls out. It just needs to be wiped down with some Clorox and given a new coat of paint. Ta Da! A new bookshelf! Oh and by the way, I got it for just $30!

Stay tuned for the pictures of these 2 pieces once they have been refinished! Cant wait!

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