Sunday, October 2, 2011

ITS A......

Hello blog followers! For this pregnancy week (week 19) I don't have any belly pictures, but have something better; Sonogram pictures! But wait, not only that, its gender sonogram pictures!!! Before we got to the doctor's office Kevin had been telling me to "drink caffeine." That way we wouldn't get there and he or she have their legs crossed and it would be a little more active. Well I didn't listen and forgot to drink something caffeinated. We got to the ultrasound room and after measuring the head, length, listening to the heart beat (140s and all the other measurements were normal), and even getting to hear the blood flow through the umbilical chord (very cool!), it was time for the moment of truth. The tech moved the camera around and said without hesitation, "OOP ITS A BOY!" We were a little caught off guard because there was no so called "drum roll" she just said it. But we were THRILLED to say the absolute least anyway! We still got to find out the sex of the baby without having to drink caffeine. However, the whole time we were in the ultrasound room (about 25-30 minutes) he kept his face buried in my back. The only draw back is that we didn't get a profile view as an ultrasound picture. Here are a few of the pictures of our little man!!! =)

This is him with his face pointing downward and his little butt up in the air.

Still facing towards my back.

In this one he is almost looking right at the camera. That is one of his eyes at the top and then an arm and hand in the air in the middle.

Here is the picture verifying that we do have a LITTLE BOY!!

The ultrasound tech even tried switching to 4D to see if we could get a profile view. This was the best we could do. Isn't technology amazing?! You can clearly see his face and facial features, and the rest of his body! We are so over joyed at our news and CANNOT wait to meet our little boy in person! God is Good!

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  1. Love it!! I can't wait to meet little boy Crooks either!! Easton is one lucky little boy to have you and Kevin as his parents!!