Easton's Birthday!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

His Name

Kevin and I thought very hard about this of course. A name is something a child will have for their ENTIRE life. We never bought any baby name books, though I did download an app for my phone and went through about 1000 names. We thought for a while there that our baby would probably be a girl for the sole reason that all we had were boy names that we loved. Much to our surprise we were surely wrong. So picking a name was rather easy. I had heard of a country singer named Easton Corbin, very unique and cute (the name =) ), and for the first few weeks of my pregnancy I thought that if it was a boy his name would be Corbin. (Not to be named after the singer but just because I liked the name). As we went on I started to think, what about Easton too? I loved that as much if not more than Corbin. So I asked Kevin, what do you think about if its a boy naming him Easton? And being the sports nut that he is said, "like the baseball bats?" Apparently there is a brand of baseball bats called Eastons. I laughed and said yes. We both agreed and if it was a boy, Easton he became! =)
His middle name was also easy. I wanted something in his name to be named after Kevin. So Thomas was the obvious choice. It turns out that Thomas, in addition to Kevin's middle name, is also his father's middle name, and my grandfather's middle name. I just accomplished naming our first child after both sides of the family. That made me very happy!
Kevin and I are in love with our little miracle and His Name: EASTON THOMAS CROOKS

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  1. I love his name! I can't wait to meet little Easton Thomas!