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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thirty-One Gifts!

Thermal lunch tote(dots) and a cooler that can hold two 2-Liter drinks! I had "Crooks" monogrammed on it for $6 extra through thirty-one. Next to that is a sandy swirl organizer and some coasters that I bought with "Crooks" on them also.
About 2 weeks I had a Thirty-One Gifts home party. It was so much fun with lots of people, food and drinks! They have lots of great gifts for your home, kids, and yourself. Me and one of my coworkers, Rachel, hosted this party together at my house. Because we were the hostesses, and our party bought $750 in items (go girls!), we got $70 in free merchandise and 20% off any 4 items. This was such a fun experience. If anyone is looking to have a home party, I would recommend a Thirty-One party. Rachel (my co-worker) and her cousin Cassie have just recently decided to become consultants for Thirty-One. So if you wanna have a great party check out their pages and book them for your party! Rachel Sasser or Cassie Stagner

This is my Beach Tote. I am IN LOVE with it! It is so spacious, cute, and the inside can be wiped out. So if anything spills or, of course, sand gets in there it wont be a problem to clean.

At the top is my skirt purse. It came in brown with one free skirt. Then my mom bought me the red one, and I purchased the other skirt, with the L, at the bottom. All you have to do is unsnap the metal snaps at the top of the purse, lift them up, and there are hooks underneath that attach your new skirt. So no more moving everything from one purse to the other. Just change the outside.

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  1. Thirty-One is awesome! I have several purses, a make-up bag and 2 wallets. Have you ever thought about doing a Stella & Dot Trunk show at your house? check out www.stelladot.com/allisonf