Saturday, April 17, 2010

April Flowers bring May Showers?

Happy Spring!!! I just love this time of year. When the flowers are out, the grass is green, and the weather is perfect! (I know not everyone loves it because of allergies) I took advantage of the great weather and decided to plant some flowers. My mom came over, on my day off, and we planted these beauties! We were talking about how there is just something relaxing, and fun too, about planting flowers in the ground and into pretty pots. All of these pots are on our deck, except for the solid red one which is on the front of the house.

Its so nice to walk out onto the deck and see all the color that these flowers have put out there! I know most of them are pink but I just couldnt resist how vibrant the color was. The solid red pot out front has a twin on the other side of the stairs too. And of course, dont forget to SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!


  1. They look very pretty, Lauren! We've planted flowers in our yard and pots as well but I haven't posted them yet. I'm glad you had a relaxing day with your Momma!

  2. BEAUTIMUS!!! I love the one sitting on your table that is like 3 pots in one! What a cute pot!! You are making me want to get outside and plant some flowers.. I bet AR would get a kick of it ..ha!

  3. Looks good girl! Especially the 2 matching pots on your back porch...its the ones we gave yall at the Tools & Gadgets party ;) I also LOVE the triple flower pot on the table...that is too cute!

  4. Thanks ladies!
    Ashley-you should put AR in the yard with some dirt and a flower and get some CUTE pictures!

    Oh and the pot that looks like 3 is actually 4 little pots in one. There is one on the opposite side you just cant see it. Got it at Big Lots for like $10.

  5. This was such fun. They look terrific! I loved being part of this project! Thanks, La.