Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Say What??

So lately Easton has been "talking" up a storm!  I started writing some of them down.  When we went for his 18 month check up last week Dr M asked if he was saying about 15-30 words?  Wow, that seems like alot of words for a little guy....but he sure picks them up fast!

Here are some of them:
(first how he says them, and then the word he means)

"Baw"- Ball
"Dog"- Dog
"Pish"- Fish
"Awf"- Off
"Uh Oh"- Uh Oh
"AhhPane"- Airplane
"Tickle"- Tickle
"AhtSy"- Outside (he stands by the door and puts his hands in the air)
"AhTu"- Thank You
"DaDa"- DaDa
"MaMa"- MaMa
"Duce"- Juice
"Shoes"- Shoes
"Ah Bo"- Good Boy (he says this as he pets the dogs on the back)
"Wow"- Wow
"Wee"- Wee
"Bye Bye"- Bye Bye
"Hey"- Hey
"Ho"- Hello
"Hutsh"- Hush (says this to the dogs as he points his finger at them)
"No No"- No No

Animal Sounds He knows:
Kitty Cat (Some of the time)
Monkey (Sometimes)

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