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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

18 Month Check up

On July 9th, 2013 we went for Easton's 18 month Check up... 

Weight- 19 pounds 2 oz (<3rd>Height- 32 inches (50th %)
Head Circumference- 18 1/2 inches (35 %)
Clothes- 12-18 months
Shoes- 5 Wide (Ive been thinking that his feet were a 3 or 4 before I had them measured.  Boy was I wrong.  =)
Diapers- Size 3

Doctor M checked Easton out and said he looks perfect!  Easton didnt cry one bit!  Im hoping that we have finally moved past the crying episodes when the doctor is in the room.  =) 
Upon looking at his weight, Dr M asked the usual questions about how well he eats and if he eats, because he said that most children gain 4-6 pounds from age 1 to 2.  Easton has only gained 1 pound in 6 months!  I eased Dr M's mind when I told him that E eats like a P.I.G.!  He eats anything and everything and doesnt have much discretion when it comes to food! (which I love).  He eats alot in one sitting too.  And that he is very active.  Dr. M told me about some of the children that he sees that have "failure to thrive."  He said that those children look sickly and dont eat well and that Easton did NOT fit in that category at all! (whew, thats a load off my mind).  Just to cover all the bases, he wanted to draw blood from him to check his organ function.  Since they needed more than just a drop or two for this, they had to get it out of his arm.  It was SO hard to sit there and watch him be poked for it.  Because it wasnt just a quick shot and it was done, she had to wait for the tubes to fill up.  Though Easton cried, it hurt me more than I think it hurt him.  I had turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Disney Jr app on my phone- MUST HAVE) and he semi watched it as they drew the blood.  Such a tough man! I just love him!

 Playing around while we waited for the nurse to draw the blood and give him his 1 shot.  At least he only had to get one shot this day.  I would have felt even worse if he had to have blood drawn and have 3 shots!
I just LOVE this face!!

They called me the next day to tell me that all of his bloodwork came back normal!! YAY!! So im going to have a rough and tumble healthy little boy!  After talking to my mom about it, she told me that when my dad was going off to college (before he got into power lifting) he weighed 110 pounds!  This makes me feel better, becuase Im thinking E must have gotten some of his genes.  (Of course biggness doesnt run in the family that much anyways!)   =) So all in all it was a good visit!!

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