Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Easton at 9 Months

My little Spout continues to grow.... sigh... So here we are at 9 months!!!

Weight: 17 Pounds
Height: 27 3/4 inches
Diapers: Size 3
Clothes: 6-9 Months

My Man:
-Bumps his bottom up and down off the floor when he is listening to music and claps! TOO CUTE!
-Has started CRAWLING!! He keeps his left leg bent when we crawls.  I was worried about it at first but that is also the leg that he ends up sitting on when we wants to stop.  So I guess he is just staying one step ahead of himself to keep it bent.
-He is also pulling up on E.VER.Y. THING! He will just stand and only hold on with one hand. (the little dare devil =) )  It makes me a nervous wreck sometimes that he is so brave about it.
-Because of the fluid in his ears that wouldn't go away....he had tubes placed in both ears on October 17th.  Dr. M said that it would just continue to cause ear infections so long as that fluid stayed in the ear.  So tubes was our answer.  It was a very easy procedure and he was at home and playing by 11 am.  Amazing!
-Waves bye  bye sometimes.  It will be at random things and not necessarily when someone leaves.  I swear there are times when he actually says the words "bye bye!"  But we will see...
-Still a great sleeper!  He goes to bed about 8:30pm
-He has 2 new teeth coming in on the top.
-Eating is still very good for now.  He has 6-7 oz bottles 5 times a day.  He eats oatmeal, waffles, cheese toast, or whatever they are having at daycare for breakfast. (and loves it!)  Then for lunch he eats almost anything you will offer him.  He likes chili, salisbury steak, and most anything with turkey.  They serve such a wide variety at daycare (which is awesome) and he eats it all!  Then he has 1-2 snacks during the day.  We have started eating 3 meals a day now.  So now he gets another meal around 6:30pm or so.  My little man also loves all sorts of juices. 
I am so proud of my little Spout. He makes us so happy! We Love you E! I cant believe you are 9 Months old!!!!

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