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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Easton at 11 Months

I'm a little behind on this....Ive been in a blogging slum lately and my blogger has been acting up.  On 12/24/12 our little man turned 11 months old! Taking still pictures, with this little mover, is getting harder and harder. =)

Weight: 18 Pounds
Height: not sure
Diapers: Size 3
Clothes 9-12 months

E at 11 Months he is:
-Eating a whole lot more food than he was.  The other day he ate a whole ham and cheese sandwich and a whole container of mandarin oranges and 2 arrowroot cookies.  I think mandarin oranges are definitely one of his favorite foods.
-When he is eating now he reaches over his highchair at the dogs.  Usually its either to pet them or to throw food over the side of the chair.  The dogs are loving it....me, not so much! =)
-Can find my nose and eyes when asked where they are.  We are working on mouth.
-He will now offer me a bite of what he is eating or a toy that he is playing with.
-Definitely likes to snuggle more now.  I love this!
-He really loves to wallow in the sheets.  Especially when he is naked and getting into or out of the tub.  He crawls all over the bed laughing and burying his little face into the covers.  SO cute!
-We now have a stair climber!  We haven't had a baby gate on the stairs until just now.  I was eating lunch one day and he was playing by himself, all of a sudden I turned around and he was up 2 stairs!! I couldn't believe it.  Now he likes to pull up to the baby gate and shake it. Silly boy!
-He loves all of the push and walk toys that he got for Christmas! He is constantly on the move with those toys.
-Pointing is a big thing lately too.  As soon as I get him out of his crib in the morning or pick him up from daycare he is pointing at things and waiting for me to tell him what they are.
-He will stand, very briefly, by himself for a second or two.  No movement yet though.
-He is still eating almost every single thing I put in front of him.  So glad!  If he rejects something one day then I usually just wait a day or two and offer it again and he will usually eat it up. =)
-We are getting more and more teeth too.  He now has 4 teeth.  Two on the top and two on the bottom. 
You grow and learn so much every day! We love you so much E! I CANT BELIEVE YOU ARE 11 MONTHS OLD!!!!!!!!!!! 

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