Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Play Mat

Easton has been a very busy little man over the past month so I thought it would be time for some more stimulating toys.  It turns out I have some wonderful friends.  Nikki and her son Grayson were sweet enough to let us borrow his play mat.  It has all sorts of bright colors and movable toys that hang.  It also has a pillow for tummy time and a mirror.  In this picture E was gazing at himself.  Yea, he's that cute! ;)
 He does great with grabbing the toys when he swats his hands at them.  He loves to "talk" to the toys and kick his legs in excitement!  Its so much fun to watch him explore all these new objects and how his arms and legs work. 
 He, as you can tell by the video, just loves this mat.  Thanks Nikki and G!  We appreciate it!

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