Easton's Birthday!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Little Lifesaver- and I don't mean the candy

This is "Lucky" a 7 week old mix breed puppy that was brought into our clinic, North Shelby County Animal Hospital, for a check up after being adopted from an unknown breeder. Upon our fecal exam, which we normally do with new puppies, we found an abundance of hookworms, roundworms, and coccidia. These are all intestinal parasites that puppies can pick up from their mother or outside. They are common to see on puppy fecal checks. The thing about Lucky is that he had more than the normal amount. These parasites were taking up most of his red blood cells, causing him to become anemic. Even his little nose, which should be pink with black spots, is actually a pale white with spots.
This is where my baby, Logan- a 4 year old lab mix, comes in. He donated blood to Lucky so that Lucky could grow up to be a healthy dog. He was perfect! He sat very still and didnt move a muscle while we used an 18ga needle to draw his blood. Im so proud of my little lifesaver. Of course he got extra treats and love. I Love my job!


  1. That's so awesome, Lauren! Good boy Logan!

  2. Way to go Logan! He is the M-A-N...haha! It's a good thing that you can take your dogs to work with you ;)