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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Under Construction- Man Cave

When Kevin and I bought our house in June of 2009 we had a list of things that we wanted to do to the house over a period of time.

-Fence in the yard.
-Build a "Man Cave" in the basement.
-Cover part of the porch.
-Replace the counter tops in the kitchen

Well the time has come to strike through the second item on our list.  Kevin couldn't be happier.  He has been talking about this for so long.  He mainly wants this room to watch football and baseball games in.  And when he does have poker night, he can use his "man cave."  He does alot for this family and I guess, since I have the rest of the house pretty much, he deserves his own room.  =).  I am excited to host a football party when it gets finished! RTR! 
There is a discrepancy over football decor since we are a house divided.  My sweet husband has said that he doesn't mind me hanging a few Daniel Moore Alabama prints. (I'm surprised) 
The construction started August 20th, 2012 with framing.  We decided to only use half of our basement space for the man ca.  It is very long and I still wanted to have room for Easton's outside toys for when he gets bigger.  Plus Kevin also wanted to build himself a work bench off to the side.  So the pictures that you are seeing are only half of the basement space we have. 
 Since the room is near completion at this very moment (haven't had time to blog), I will just post about updates every couple days. 

The Before


Framing has started

 Our basement was already plumbed from the previous homeowners, so we decided we may as well put in a half bath.  That is what the framed box in the corner is. 

Framing and Insulation....Done!
  Its really starting to come together!  Stay tuned for more Man Cave updates!

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  1. That's awesome! I want to come to your football party whenever you get ready to have it. Haha