Sunday, April 15, 2012


On 4/8/12 was Easton's first Easter! We went to my Uncle's house for a family lunch. He was a little young to be hunting the Easter eggs this year. But watch out, because this time next year he will be walking! (ok... lets not talk about that. =( ) Here is our Easter family photo.

Uncle John and E:

What an exhaustingly, wonderful day! Its hard being cute and being held by everyone.

Earlier that week, my mom and I took Easton to meet the Easter Bunny. It just so happened that he was suppose to be stopping by my sister-in-laws house that day. My niece, Caroline, was having her class party at their house. Everyone was there except Jeff. I'm not sure where he was, probably working. ;0)

He did so good with the Easter bunny. Next year might be a different story.

Here are all of MiMi's (my mother in law) grandchildren. Jake, Easton, and Caroline! I Love this picture! It was a beautiful day, that the Lord had made.

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