Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easton at 2 Months Old

Here's my little man at 2 months old. He is such a love and is just the best baby!

9 Pounds 5.5 Ounces
22 1/4 Inches Long
*He is cooing even more now! Its quite possibly the best sound Ive heard in a long while. Still melts my heart.
* He is smiling more now too. And now he is actually smiling when you talk to him and make faces at him! I would talk for hours for just one good smile! So worth it.
*He is definitely staying awake for longer periods during the day.
*Eating anywhere from 2 1/2-4 ounces every 3 hours. Right now 4 ounces is only a once in a while thing.
*Sleeping about 7-9 hours!! (did I mention he was the best baby??) If he does end up waking up in the middle of the night, then hes only up for about 30 minutes to be changed and eat then back to sleep.
* He also now hits at toys when he is in his seat.
*Takes baths every other night. And is starting to enjoy them.
*Also, he LOVES to look at the fans in our house! We have one in almost every room and he finds them all.

We love you Easton! I cant believe you are 2 Months Old!

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