Tuesday, September 7, 2010

College Football 2010 Starts.....NOW!

I LOVE College Football! I just love this time of year, when the weather gets cool and crisp and Saturdays are filled with football. I am a huge Alabama fan (RTR!) and my husband, a huge Auburn fan. We are both the type that never cheers for each others team. Needless to say its gets pretty ugly around the 3rd Saturday in November (Iron Bowl). But its all in good fun! Well the season started off on Sept. 4th. We had a few people over to watch the Auburn game. The Alabama game was on PPV and they were playing San Jose St. I have faith in my team to win and didn't want to waste the $30 =).
Another one of my favorite things about Football season is the food. (Go figure) So I went with the football theme and ran with it. I had a football cheese ball, football Ritz crackers, football serving pieces, and UA and AU hand towels.

In the end both Alabama and Auburn won their opening games. I had to hold my own, being the only Bama fan in a house full of Auburn fans. It was fun and I cant wait to do it all again next weekend!! Roll Tide Roll!

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  1. Roll Tide! I want to come watch a few games with you this season! With Heath being out of town, I need other Alabama fans to watch it wth :)