Friday, June 4, 2010

My Husband's new Love Affair

My wonderful husband, since he was a little kid, has wanted his OWN 4-wheeler. For, literally, EVERY Anniversary, Birthday, Valentines Day, Christmas, and any other gift giving holiday you can think of, he has asked me or his parents for a 4-wheeler. Well I knew that there was no way that I could buy it for him. So, when he started his new job the first thing he bought himself was this wonderful new toy! Can't you see the Joy on his face?? (And believe me, my husband doesn't enjoy taking pictures)

BEFORE - this is the 4-wheeler before....A 2009 Honda Foreman
A couple of days after he had brought it home, we were going out to eat dinner with some friends. I was calling Kevin's name to tell him I was ready and I couldn't find him anywhere. I went downstairs to wait in the car and I heard a noise in the garage. I turn the corner and there is Kevin sitting on the 4-wheeler with the biggest smile on his face just staring at me! haha! It was too cute! He was so excited! It was like a little kid on Christmas Day.
AFTER- Now he has put 2 inches of lift and new, specifically for mud, tires. We love it!! This is my kind of stuff too. It is something that we can do together and its lots of fun! I guess I should be glad that its this and not a woman! ha!


  1. Awesome 4-wheeler!! It looks great and Kevin does look like I kid on Christmas morning. Happy Hubby!!

  2. Whoa!!! This is a cool machine!!!!!

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